Comfort is the concept that makes the difference between a house and a home..

It’s a subjective and personal feeling that makes us feel good about our environment.

El confort es salud, es relajación, es comodidad, es equilibrio. Ayuda al bienestar y a la felicidad personal.

Comfort means health, relaxation and balance. It helps our well-being and personal happiness. It is the key factor that makes us feel that we are back home, that provides us with a sense of peace, calm and rest.


In many cases, we do not enjoy our own home due to that lack of comfort.

Neither do we enjoy that second home because we know that the house will only reach the suitable degree of comfort when the weekend or the holidays are about to end

All the former is achieved with a proper degree of thermal and acoustic comfort.

L The specialists of Spain Insulation will transform your house into a home , as well as and in your second home, so that it can reach both thermal and acoustic levels of comfort

Acoustic Insulation

When we provide energy rehabilitation we give a higher acoustic comfort to the building or the house and this is one of the main characteristics of systems and solutions that we propose in Spain Insulation.
Not only does it improve the surround sound, that can reach more than 15 dB (A)depending on the system being used , it also insulates the rest of the internal areas.