The cheapest and cleanest energy is that which is not consumed,consequently the energy rehabilitation in your home is not an expense but a smart investment which will be recouped in the short-medium term.

ahorro_energeticoThe energy savings will increase over the life of our building, especially if we consider the continuous increase in energy prices. As time goes on, savings will increase after making energy rehabilitation.

Spain has got an external energy dependence of approximately 80%, much higher than the European average of 50%.It is a major consumer of energy and buildings reach a consumption level of 17% of our country’s energy, of which over 45% is consumed in heating and refrigeration. Energy Efficiency can be defined as the reduction in consumption of energy maintaining the same energy services, without diminishing our comfort and quality of life, protecting the environment, ensuring supply and promoting sustainable behaviour in its use.

In Spain Insulation we find the point of balance necessary in proper performance of the surrounding building, providing practical solutions and systems and the choice of the power generation systems to ensure the success of the Comprehensive Energy Rehabilitation project. We also achieve and add significant values such as: improving thermal and acoustic comfort, loss of dampness from condensation, mold, unwanted current flows etc. When the rehabilitation of a building is made with appropriate systems and with turnkey management by Spain Insulation, we reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions;

everyone wins by being more respectful with the environment and clearly reducing energy costs, due to its doubtless economic, social and environmental benefits.

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